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South Waikato Veterinary Services


Kittens for Sale

We occasionally have kittens for sale out front of the reception area of the clinic. More often than not these animals have been left with us as a last resort by people unable to afford them, unable to rehome them, or just having found them as strays around town. They deserve loving homes and we really enjoy seeing them go with their excited new owners (and then seeing them as they grow when they come back for annual vaccinations and checkups!)

All our cats and kittens are desexed, flea treated, wormed, microchipped (and placed on the NZ register) and had at least their first vaccination before going to their new homes.  They will also come with a sample of food that we have been feeding them, as well as some food discount vouchers. Due to this, there is a $130 adoption fee for each kitten. The actual kitten is technically free if you consider the cost of getting all the above treatments done to a kitten that you bring into us ($130-170)