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Lab Testing

Diagnosing your pets complaint isn’t always as simple as a consult. Sometimes your vet will need to do further testing to confirm a diagnosis, or search for an answer to an illness.

In House Tests

There are many tests we are able to do in the clinic. These are known as in house tests. They may involve taking blood or making slides from ears, skin or lumps.

Some of the things we are able to do include:

  1. Ear Smears to look for yeasts and bacteria

  2. Fine Needle Aspirates (FNA) of suspicious

      lumps to look for cancerous cells

  1. SNAP test for Feline Aids

  2. SNAP test for Canine Parvovirus

  3. Skin Scrapes to check for mange

  4. Blood tests for Rat Bait toxicity

  5. Vaginal Cytology on in-heat bitches

Laboratory Testing

Further testing on an animal may involve taking samples of blood, urine, faeces, fine needle aspirates on masses or full biopsies of masses under anaesthetic. These samples are then able to be couriered to a specialist small animal laboratory such as Gribbles or NZVP in Hamilton. We often have fast turnaround from the lab, usually receiving results by the next day.

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Lab Testing
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