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Puppies and kittens grow very quickly – especially in the first six months of life which is why it is very important to feed your pet a high quality, balanced food.

It is important to select food that has been formulated for the age and the size dog your puppy will grow up to be. Large breed puppies (such as Labradors, pig dogs and Huntaways) need moderate calories and calcium during growth. Because of these needs large breed puppy diets are formulated with a controlled calcium phosphorus ratio that helps ensure that your puppy’s bones and muscles grow at the same correct rate.

Small breed puppies such as Jack Russell’s and Miniature Poodles and medium breed puppies such as Border Collies and Spaniels require higher calorie levels as they have much higher metabolic rates.

Kittens have greater protein and energy requirements than adult cats so should be maintained on kitten food until 1 year of age. It is important to expose your kitten to both wet and dry food otherwise cats can often be very picky about only accepting a certain variety of food later on in life. This may make life difficult if your cat needs to be placed on a special diet for heath issues.

To ensure your puppy or kitten has a balanced diet it is recommended that at least 80% of their diet is a balanced food. Your puppy requires small feeds often, it is best to feed 2 – 3 meals per day until they are one year old. Kittens should be fed either twice daily or ad lib. Adult cats should NOT be fed ad lib as many are unable to regulate their daily intake and end up overweight.

Large breed puppies continue to grow well after one year of age so it is important to feed them large breed puppy food until they are 18 months old. This helps to reduce the risk of bone and joint problems developing.

If you wish to offer your puppy or kitten milk make sure it is pet milk as regular cows milk can give them stomach upsets. If you wish to change them over to a different brand of food remember to gradually mix the old diet with the new diet over a period of at least 4 days. This will help avoid giving them a sore tummy.

Dry Diets we stock:

  1. Hills Science Diet Prescription Diets

  2. Eukanuba

  3. Royal Canin (including prescription diets)

  4. Iams

  5. Proplan

  6. Orijen & Acana Dog & Cat food (not currently stocked but able to be ordered upon request)

Wet Diets we stock:

  1. Proplan Feline tins

  2. Poss-yum Dog roll

Raw Diets we stock:

  1. K9 Natural Frozen

  2. Feline Natural Frozen

Particular varieties of the above foods may not be in stock at all times. If you are after a special flavour/formulation, just give us a call and if the product is not in stock, we are happy to order it in for you and hold it for pickup. Most of the above foods also have a money back guarantee. That means if your animal refuses to eat a particular diet, you can return the bag for a full refund.

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