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With the ongoing war against mastitis, Teatseal is a useful tool as it has proven effectiveness for lowering the incidence of clinical cases.

What is it?

Some cows don’t form a teat plug at drying off. This leaves their quarter open to new infections at any stage during the dry period and calving. Teatseal is a physical plug for the teat, and provides protection immediately after infusion. It remains in place until removed at calving, either by a calf or the milk machine. It can be used on its own (i.e. in heifers) or in combination with dry cow therapy. There are numerous trials in New Zealand and overseas which show its effectiveness.

Teatseal :

  1. Provides gold standard mastitis prevention when used in conjunction with Orbenin Enduro.

  2. Reduces peri-calving mastitis when used in conjunction with cephalonium dry cow, relative to cephalonium alone.

  3. Reduces peri-calving mastitis in heifers when administered one month pre-calving.

  4. Protects against new infections when administered to uninfected cows at dry-off.

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Whether you are using Teatseal in your cows or your heifers we can come out to your farm as a team to keep the process, fast, hygienic and efficient. Heifers especially are more difficult to treat as they need to load into a herringbone in small groups, or into a rotary (but with extra people at the front to push them back in the bale). Having extra people to both shift them, and administer the Teatseal ensures everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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