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Since 2005 it is required by law that all dogs are microchipped and have their microchip number recorded with the local dog control council. So unless your puppy is going to be used to shift or work livestock (as working dogs are exempt) you will need to get them microchipped at around 3 months old.

Microchipping is a simple procedure that involves inserting a chip (the size of a grain of rice) under the skin between your dogs shoulder blades. If you dog is collected by the pound (or a vet clinic or SPCA) then a microchip scanner will be used to read the unique number on the chip. This number needs to be registered with the council so that when they check their records they can see who owns the dog.

We also strongly recommend you put your animal on the National Companion Animal Database. There is a one off small fee to put your pet on this database and we can do it the same time as the microchipping. All vet clinics and SPCA’s in New Zealand have access to this register so it means if your pet is lost outside of your home town (if you are away hunting, or on holiday) it is easier for them to be re-united with you.

Cats can also be microchipped. This is a good idea for much loved pets, or if you want to install a microchip cat door to stop stray cats coming into your house and stealing your cat’s food.

At South Waikato Veterinary Services we use the latest brands of microchip and newest equipment as it is shown that these products help to ensure the microchip does not move and stays where it was inserted in your pet.


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