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X-Rays (Radiographs)

Here at the clinic we are equipped with a DIGITAL X-Ray machine and automatic X-Ray developer. The above X-Ray is of a dogs chest - as the lungs are filled with air, they are black on an X-Ray, but can you see the solid heart in the centre? This particular dog has a bone stuck in its throat! That is the big vertebrae bone ‘floating’ in the chest - this should clearly not be there.

Like the example above, X-Rays can tell us a lot about an animal that we wouldn’t know for sure otherwise. We can spot broken bones, diagnose arthritis and measure dogs for Hip Dysplasia.

Chest X-Rays can show us the extent of heart disease, obstructions, lung disease, spinal disease, diaphragmatic hernias... the list goes on! Similarly, abdominal X-Rays may show unusual organ enlargements, obstructions or cancers, to name a few. Sometimes, not seeing problems on X-Ray is as useful as finding things, as we are able to rule out a number of problems with a clear X-Ray.


We are able to do simple ultrasound checks here at the clinic, such as early pregnancy diagnosis, or examining organs for changes consistent with cancer. However, we do not have a specialist small animal ultrasound machine, so are unable to perform more involved examinations. When we need a better look at an animals organs, usually in the abdomen, we will refer you to Hamilton to a specialist imaging veterinarian.


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